Alfonso Verduzco


The founder and Creative Director of Alfonso Verduzco Design, is a visionary at the intersection of art and luxury. His background as a high-end interior designer allowed him to work with renowned Italian brands like Poliform, Minotti, Flexform, B&B Italia, and Poltrona Frau. His journey led him to Milan, where he trained extensively, immersing himself in the craftsmanship that defines these iconic brands. Drawing inspiration from the timeless elegance and sophistication found in Italy, particularly during his visits to the Salone del Mobile in Milan, his work effortlessly transcends boundaries.

Throughout Alfonso's design journey, he has had the privilege of leaving his creative imprint on luxurious residences in exclusive destinations such as Aspen, Jackson Hole, Bozeman, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and Paradise Valley AZ.

His "Raíces Black Collection" showcases the exceptional talent of Mexican artisans utilizing black clay from Oaxaca, has earned recognition in platforms including Designboom, ArchiTonic, Gray Magazine, the prestigious AD Mexico & Latinoamerica, and numerous U.S. magazines.

What sets Alfonso apart is his commitment to pushing the boundaries of design. His collaboration with Mexican artisans earned him the 2022 ICFF + Wanted Design Manhattan Best Materials Editors Award and, more recently, the Iconic Design Award for excellence in Product Design. Alfonso's work embodies the essence of sophistication and redefines elegance, forging a path where luxury and artistry harmoniously coexist.

Alfonso Verduzco's latest collection, KARBON, marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in furniture design. Inspired by his extensive experiences with renowned Italian brands and collaborations with Mexican artisans, Alfonso's vision is both unique and innovative. His ability to think differently and challenge conventions has led to the creation of a collection that blends minimalism and brutalism in unprecedented ways. Each piece in the KARBON collection reflects Alfonso's commitment to craftsmanship, creativity, and originality, offering a fresh perspective on contemporary design.